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‘Yes We Have’: Stories of Armenian-American Discoveries

March 27, 2010 by  
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Book Review By Ani Nalbandian

Stepan Partamian’s “Yes We Have” is not a single story but a compilation of various stories about the incredible Armenians who changed American history through their inventions, discoveries and talents. Partamian compiled over one hundred stories of influential Armenian-Americans starting from the first Armenian colonists who settled in Jamestown.

The multi-faceted Partamian is also the founder of the Armenian Arts Fund, which encourages people to enhance their artistic ability in various ways. He is perhaps best known as a flamboyant and controversial daytime talk show host.

When opening to the first page of the book I was stunned to see a picture of President Obama instead of a picture of the author or a famous Armenian. Under the picture of 44th President of the United States, Barrack Obama, was a section of his April 24th Armenian Genocide commemoration speech. In his speech he states, “The United States of America is a far richer country because of the many Americans of Armenian descent who have contributed to our society…” This first page set a very nationalistic and enthusiastic tone to the rest of the book.

“Yes We Have” includes stories of inventors, musicians, actors and actresses, businessmen and women, war heroes, politicians, scientists, and authors. I found myself learning about countless amazing contributions to American society made by Armenian-Americans.

This is an attention grabbing, page-turner that is very successful in keeping the reader’s attention because it not only includes well known Armenian-Americans’ stories, but also the lesser-known influential Armenians such as Luther G. Simjian who invented the ATM machine.

I would have to say this book was a complete joy to read and I guarantee everyone and anyone who reads it will be surprised and gratified by the incredible things Armenians have contributed to America, I know I was.

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2 Responses to “‘Yes We Have’: Stories of Armenian-American Discoveries”
  1. Dave says:

    This seems like a terrific book.  

    I, too, am disappointed that Obama would be included in the front praising Armenians. We don’t need people like him who lie about the Genocide to make pronouncements about us.

    Here are some questions that I believe we should ask ourselves:

    1) How Armenian, in terms of their involvement in the Armenian community/activities, were the Armenian Americans that this book spotlights?

    2) If they were not involved to at least a small or moderate degree, to what extent, if any, was their alleged Armenianism part of their success?

    3) If an Armenian American does not honor our community with his or her involvement, should we be honoring him or her?  Shouldn’t it be a two-way street?

    Turkish Slavery is Turkification*
    Worse than what Black race in America felt.

    I always wished I was black slave.

    P. Obama signed Health Reform
    Before Armenian genocide!
    He is able to do ‘the impossible’
    We all are waiting for that miracle.
    We trust him, he has miraculous will
    Happy with his clever kind wife and nice daughters.
    Please P. Obama, “Say in your heart say,
    Never hide, if you say what you believed in–
    Hidden Armenians’* will see new Dawn 
    Writing your name with silver-pen on their bleeding sky.
    P. Obama you like always to change for better
    So change the Turkish Armenians to their origin
    Let them feel free from Turkish slavery.
    Apply what P. Wilson pointed on the map in 1923:
    Here is Anatolia the Western Armenia.”
    * Hidden Armenian were turkified since the genocide.
     “Turkey’s Hidden Armenians,” France 24, france.
    Turkification; identities changed in every inhuman way, by force to Turkish names( Chris became Ahmet), surnames (Ian became Oglu), language, culture, religion…So nothing left, only a walking soul to be slayed ( poetic verb for slain).
    April 9, 2010

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